Campaign Cancellation

Web-IT Center has an obligation to give its clients what they require from us, and with this in mind, we are dedicated to meeting such demands and targets with integrity and honesty. In the event of cancellation requests, for whatever reasons that clients may cite, our cancellation process is in place to ensure that all departments involved in any campaign or project are aligned and informed of such a development.

As such, our cancellation policy is aimed at helping not only our clients to seamlessly terminate the services that they contracted, but to also make project and task cessation as smooth as possible.

Web-IT Center believes in making these events as mutually beneficial as possible, and has therefore enacted a liberal cancellation policy which is as follows:

  • When you have availed of any of our packages and services, the contract will naturally come to an end once all the stipulations in the said contract or agreement have been met.
  • Cancellations should be requested as early as possible, and must be made 10 days prior to the launching of a campaign. Any cancellations made after this time but before launch date will be subject to deliberation and refunds may be withheld.
  • Should there be a desire for the cessation of a contract before its completion or should there be any breach in the agreement that was made regarding such a campaign, Web-IT Center reserves the right to withhold any refunds, particularly if the cancellation is requested after the launch date of the campaign.
  • Cancellations, whether due to mutual consent, to man-made calamities, to natural disorders, or any other reason, after the launch date will also be subject to Web-IT Center’s refund policy.
  • Confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed to you once all the necessary steps have been made.