Free Website Audit

Want to find out why your site is not ranking as well as you hoped it would on Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Want to know which keywords are the best for your business and your niche? Want to check why your website’s pages are not getting the kind of attention that you were expecting these to have?

Some of the things that may cause a site to not deliver as expected include the following:

  • Slow site speed – this is one of the reasons why some sites have a very high bounce rate. When a person visits a website, they expect to get quick results, and when what they are looking for takes too long to materialize, or the site is too slow to load, the most common move is for the person to leave the site and look elsewhere.
  • Thin or irrelevant content – when the content you have on your site is deemed thin or not relevant to your niche, Google often penalizes you with lower page rankings. This is why having great content that is not only useable but highly shareable is important. Great content will include well researched and written articles or blogs, informative videos, and detailed infographics.
  • Non-optimized pages – website pages that are not optimized don’t help a site rank well on search engine results pages. Optimized pages should have URLs that carry relevant keywords that show what the content is all about, should have relevant title tags, and many more. Non-optimized website pages have none of these features.

These are just a few things that make a site ineffective. In order for us to find out why your site is not getting the number of visitors you want, a thorough website audit is what you need. This audit will help us determine what we should do to help you and your website out.

Web IT Center’s Website Audit will include the following:

On-page – to check your site’s pages for errors, proper use of relevant keywords, content quality, tags (H1, title tags, etc.), and many more.

Off-page – this will allow us to determine what your back links are, which anchor texts are being used, etc.

Technical – this will help us determine your site’s speed and other technical aspects that affect your site’s performance, like the use of elements that make page loading slow.

Social media – we will also check how your social media presence is affecting your site, or whether you do have the right social media presence helping to push your site forward.

The results of this audit will teach us what areas need to be enhanced, and will help point us in the right direction for the improvement of your online presence.