Google Analytics

When you want to find out how your pages are performing, you need to have a tool that tells you a number of things. The perfect tool for such a task is Google Analytics. Aside from telling you how much traffic your site is getting, it can also tell you where these clicks are coming from, what activities are being done on your pages, and many more.

This tool will help you fine-tune not only your entire site but also individual pages in order to make these more effective. You also get to see which pages need to be improved, which ones are the most effective in terms of your goals, and where your traffic clicked through from. You can even see how long people stayed on particular pages, how many downloaded files from your site, and from what part of the world most of your visitors come from.

Why Do You Need Google Analytics?
While many website owners are content with seeing an increase in traffic and revenue, there are some who feel that they can do more if they only knew what was going on. The use of Google Analytics is ideal for those who want to continuously improve their website’s performance, and want to know how to do this. Using analytics to help you figure out which areas need improvement and which ones are performing as well as you want it to, is the best thing for you to do in order to achieve this.


Why Do You Need Web-IT Center for Your Google Analytics Needs?

Yes, being able to track your website’s and your ads’ performance is indeed the best strategy for you to take if you are aiming for maximum profitability. Unfortunately, this tool takes a bit of learning and getting used to in order for you to identify trends, determine changes to be made, and to simply understand what is going on. Web-IT Center will help you understand not only what your analytics reports are telling you but to also set goals, recommend changes, and exact campaigns that can help you get what you want from your website.

We have the people who can initiate your Google Analytics for you and to keep track of how your pages are performing. Our skilled and experienced personnel will also interpret for you in easy-to-understand terms which pages need tweaking, what may be going wrong with some of your campaigns, and what can be done to reach the goals that you have set for your site.

Our Google Analytics package is customizable to fit the goals and requirements of each website owner. Not all websites are alike, after all, and will need different parameters and goals set in order to monitor the activity that occurs within and without. E-commerce sites will need not only traffic monitoring but also sales and revenue tracking. Google Adwords ads need to be tracked for clickthrough rate and conversions. Capture pages on your site also need to be monitored for lead generation.

We can do all of this and more for you with our many offerings and services. We can help you improve your site’s performance with the help of reports that show you exactly what is happening with your pages.