Packages and Pricing

While we would like to recommend to you what would work best with your website, we respect your decisions and have various packages that can best fit what you feel is ideal for your site. Our usual recommendations revolve around doing everything we can for your website, and these include SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Google Analytics. However, if you feel that your site will do well with just one or a few of these offerings, here are the inclusions for each one.


Social Media Package

Our social media package involves the creation of your social media accounts (if you do not have any of these yet) and the setting up of these pages to suit your website. We may request for images and retain admin access to these accounts in order for our social media managers to post and regulate the content that goes on these pages.

Some accounts will require content from you, if the content creation is not part of your chosen package. For YouTube, videos will be needed. For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, images or posts with images are required. For LinkedIn, links to content or content that you create for posting will also be needed.


SEO Package

When you choose our SEO package only, you will get to choose from three distinct offerings, all of which revolve around the number of pages of content that will be created for your site as well as the technical work that will be needed to make your pages as optimized as possible.

Our SEO only package will also include the creation of slideshows, videos, and outreach articles that will be posted in niche specific sites, which will all help make your site relevant for your niche.


PPC Package

If you simply want your site to be advertised using Google Adwords, we can also facilitate this for you. The cost for this will depend on how much you are willing to spend on your ads every month, and we will add a retainer cost for creating as well as managing these ads for you. Contact us for more details regarding your PPC needs.


SEO + Social Media

If you want to avail of our SEO and Social media packages, what you will get will be a combination of the social media package you choose and the SEO package you will be selecting with it. Contact us for the customization of this particular package.



For those who want to use SEO and PPC only for their website’s needs, we can also customize a plan for you, with a PPC package customized according to your budget being added to the SEO package of your choosing. Contact us for this particular option.


SEO + PPC + Social Media

We also offer a social media, SEO, and PPC package, and the options can be mixed and matched according to your budget. We will add up everything according to your choices, and add your custom PPC package to the mix. Contact us for your customized SEO, PPC, and Social Media package.


Content Package

You may not be a great writer, but you can be great at managing your own site. Not everyone has the skill and the talent to put together words in a compelling and captivating piece. We know this for a fact, and as such, we have a content only package for those who want to personally oversee the management and running of their website, without having to worry about coming up with fresh, high-quality, and relevant content for this.

We can create as many articles as you like for your website, with each article, blog, or web content page being priced per page. While we believe that the number of words does not necessarily matter when it comes to quality content, the amount of time spent on creating these pages will often depend on how long these are, and how many words these have.


Google Analytics

While we consider having Google Analytics as essential for every site we are asked to work on, we are putting it in as an option since not everyone feels that it is a necessity when it comes to tweaking and optimizing their site. Having analytics activated and monitored for your site however will help you (and us) determine what we need to work on when it comes to making your site the best there is for your niche.


All of our packages come with monthly reports and detailed information on the work done for the site. All of our offerings also come with a standard 6 month contract.